Custom Authentication and Authorization

System.Web.Http.AuthorizeAttribute for WEB API

System.Web.Mvc.AuthorizeAttribute. for MVC

public class CustomAuthorizeAttribute : AuthorizeAttribute
        private readonly CPAContext db = new CPAContext();

        protected override bool AuthorizeCore(HttpContextBase httpContext)
            var username = httpContext.User.Identity.Name;
          //  var test = this.Roles;
            //var isAuthorized = db.ApplicationUsers.Any(u => u.UserName.ToLower() == username.ToLower());
            return false;

        protected override void HandleUnauthorizedRequest(AuthorizationContext filterContext)
            //filterContext.Result = new HttpUnauthorizedResult(); // Try this but i'm not sure
            filterContext.Result = new RedirectResult("~/Home/Unauthorized");

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